3 Brain Training Activities Your Child Will Love

Just like we have to exercise our bodies to keep them performing their best, we must also exercise our brains to ensure they’re working their best. Development of the brain continues until we reach the age of 25. After 25, our mental capacities begin slowly decreasing, making it especially important to ensure our kids are given a head start to help them later in life keeping their minds strong and agile for their entire lives. But brain training doesn’t have to be math equations and dusty old textbooks. It can be interesting and exciting puzzles and creative problem solving. Here are a few examples of brain training activities your child will love:

  1. Concentration: Arrange some of their toys in a line. Tell them to close their eyes. Take one of the toys out of the line, and then have them open their eyes and see if they can figure out which toy is missing. Do this often to improve their concentration while rewarding them with a brief play time when they get one correct.
  2. Speed: Give your child a deck of cards and have them call out each card’s number and suit as fast as they can. Record how long it took them each time they complete it so you can track their progress and see how they get faster as their brain’s reaction time improves.
  3. Play games online: The internet isn’t something parents need to always fear their children discovering. There are many websites made specifically to teach children complex concepts in a way they find fun and interesting. Check out sites such as LearningGamesForKids.com for online games you can feel good about your children playing.For more fun brain training games for children like these, check out this website. Brain games are very important for the development of a child, but don’t get too caught up in games such as these. The mind and body are closely linked, and often the improvement of one’s physical health lends itself directly to the improvement of one’s mental capacity. When the body is functioning healthily, so too is the brain, so ensuring your children are exercising regularly and eating right is just as important to the development of their brains. Hopefully this article has inspired you to become more involved in the mental development of your child and has caused you to focus on the importance of your child’s physical health as a factor of their mental development.