7 Common Issues Cruise Travelers Have and How To Solve Them

Cruises can be a lot of fun. They are, in fact, the number one choice of vacation for many travelers. But they are not without their faults. CNN reports that 18% of passengers report problems on their trips. Here are 7 common issues cruise travelers have and how to solve them.

1.People in the Cabin Next to You Are Loud
Cruise ships do their best to insulate the walls between cabins, but that doesn’t always prevent you from hearing the surrounding noise. To fix this you can politely ask your neighbors to quiet down. If you are uncomfortable with that, however, the receptionist can do it for you. If the problem doesn’t subside, you can also ask for a room change.

2.Your Dining Arrangements Are Not Satisfactory
You could find yourself seated uncomfortably, seated at a table that is either too small or too big, or even seated with other guests at the table you’d prefer not to eat with. To solve this problem, you can address it with the maître d’. A simple request to change arrangements will usually solve the issue.

3.You Experience Bad Service
Whether it be a waiter, bartender, or cabin steward, it is possible to have a bad service experience. The key to solving this issue is to address it quickly. Don’t wait. Managerial staff can only fix what they are aware of. Asking to speak to a supervisor and addressing the issue quickly will solve the problem for you.

4.You Get Seasick
One of the most common disruptions to a peaceful cruise is seasickness. But this is a problem with a quick remedy. Cruise staff have many remedies readily available. Medicines in pill or patch form and even natural remedies such as ginger and green apples can be provided upon request.

5.You Regret an Onboard Purchase
You may purchase something while on vacation then later regret having done so. If you’re still onboard, the solution is simple. Cruise ships will accept opened and even unopened returns. If your cruise is over, it is still possible to solve the issue. Most cruise companies will accept returns up to 90 days after purchase.

6.Your Onboard Account Is Wrong
It is possible to be charged for something you did not purchase. In most cases, simply reporting the problem can resolve the issue. Without reason, you can easily dispute any purchase. However, it is easier to get this resolved while still onboard rather than by calling after the cruise is over. So, if at all possible, address this issue while still at sea.

7.The Spa Service Appointments Are Already Filled
Whereas you cannot actually “solve” this problem, you can take proactive measures. Spa services usually book quickly. So, if you intend to visit the spa, be sure to book your appointment sooner rather than later.

These 7 issues can be problematic, but they can all be fixed. In fact, the Chicago Tribune reports that “cruise lines have an outstanding track record of taking care of their guests.” None of these potential problems should stop you from sailing the seas. And knowing how to solve these hang-ups should they occur will make your vacation all the more fun and relaxing.