8 Safe Workout Moves to Do While Pregnant

Studies show that an expectant mother’s level of activity during pregnancy has long-term effects on her unborn baby. Babies born to mothers who are physically active during pregnancy tend to carry on the habit into adulthood.

Pregnancy brings with it a ton of symptoms, including unanticipated mood swings, nausea, and back pain. Do not get me started on the need to eat every few minutes. It is not all gloom, though. There are low-impact exercises that you can do to improve your mood swings and to get your mind off food even if for a while.

• Swimming

Taking a dip is probably one of the best ways to keep fit. It works the whole body without wearing you out.

• Dancing

Put on your dancing shoes and sweat it out occasionally in your living room. Dancing keeps you fit while having some fun. Even better news, momma, it is safe for the little bundle you are carrying!

• Brisk Walking

Walking gives you an excellent way to engage all muscles during a workout without straining the knees. A thirty-minute brisk walk will pump up the heart and release feel-good hormones that will have you humming all day long.

• Yoga

Yoga is low-impact and ideal for you. You stretch and flex your body without impacting the body negatively. You also learn the art of breathing deeply, which will come in handy during childbirth. Target classes specifically tailored for mothers-to-be, with poses modified to suit you.

• Planks

They are the ideal workout for arms, the core, and the back. A one-minute plank per day will help you get rid of back pain. Planks will also strengthen the core and make it easier to shed baby weight after delivery.

• Cycling

If you are afraid of cycling a real bike out on the streets, you could hop onto the stationary one and ride away. This way, you control your pace and even the terrain. Feel free to pass on the incline. The point here is to get the heart racing without straining too much. It is even more fun if you do it in a class with other moms-to-be and in the presence of an instructor.

• Weightlifting

It sounds scary to some people, but weight lifting is ideal for strength training. Experts say that lifting weights below 15 pounds is safe for both mother and child. However, it is prudent to work with a trainer to avoid harming yourself and the baby.

• Pilates

Pilates program tailor-made for expecting women is ideal for muscle strengthening and flexibility. Strong muscles combat back pain, which the majority of pregnant women experience. Flexibility comes in handy during birth.

Pregnancy only lasts nine months. Make yours a breeze by engaging in exercises that will have a positive impact on both you and baby.