About Us

With so much going on in the world, it is a struggle for readers to keep up with the major events. If you go on Google News or other such sites, you may see hundreds of new stories each day. How can one person possibly keep up with all of this news? And the hardest part is figuring out what news you should read and what articles you should skip. But we hope we can make things a little easier for our readers.

Our staff is committed to providing readers with all the latest news stories as and when they are happening. But we want to keep our focus on the biggest stories that are happening around the world. So if you want to read about the latest exploits of the Kardashians, we are not the site for you! But those readers who want to be well informed about world and American events should look no further than our site.

The reason our website maintains its high standards, both in terms of frequency and quality of articles, is because of the wide net we put out in search of stories. We have our regular staff writers who contribute to a large chunk of our stories, but we also go around looking for freelance writers who can add something new to the site.

Being able to provide our readers with content from freelance writers is a huge boon for our site. When we hire a writer, we can have them write any story that strikes their fancy. This ensure all of our stories are important and written with passion and integrity. We do not believe in churning out boring stories to fill the page – we want our readers engaged, informed and entertained when they visit our site. So if you want to get the latest news stories, look no further than our blog.