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5 Great Bathroom Color Schemes for 2019

Each new year brings new design trends, and 2019 is no exception. Gone are the brasses of the last few years. Monochromatic color schemes are hot this year. If you would like your bathroom to reflect the latest design trends, consider using these colors.


One of the hottest trends this year is to use different shades of green in the bath. Many are opting to paint different shades of green to create separate areas in the bathroom. Consider incorporating plants into your bath’s interior design. Think about creating a relaxing woodsy theme in your green bathroom.


Another hot trend this year is to incorporate shades of gray into the bath. If your bath is narrow, then stick with lighter shades for the walls giving it a more airy appearance. Then, accessorize with other shades of gray. You may even want to pick a shade of gray and use it in several places in the room including your shower curtain and your window curtains. Dove gray has been a popular choice for a long time. In order to give the room more of a masculine appearance, consider lilac gray.


Many interior designers are incorporating beige into their bath designs. If you have a small bath, then you may want to go to an eggshell or antique white and use beige as an accessory color. Consider using matte or neutral-colored fixtures in your beige bathroom. The combination creates a relaxing atmosphere. If you want a low contrast, then consider using black and beige in your room.

Soft Clay

The color soft clay offers a casual ambiance. Consider incorporating it with other earth hues to give a modern vibe. Then, use clove and burnt orange towels and other accessories.


The popularity of mushroom dates from the 1970s. Yet, designers are discovering it again in 2019. This color looks particularly great in a gender-neutral bathroom. If you are considering mushroom, stick with other neutrals for your furnishings.


If you love to redecorate often, consider mist. Mist has lilac and gray undertones allowing you to easily accessorize it. Painting your walls with mist is like putting a blank canvas on your walls. Then, you can change your accessories to match the season or your mood.

If you are designing a bathroom in 2019, consider these color choices. They are the hottest trends this year. The great news is that they will not go out of style soon. This allows you to splurge when remodeling your bathroom.