How to Pick the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress – 5 Helpful Tips

Choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses for your wedding can be daunting! Your bridal party will take tons of photos on the big day, so you want to ensure the dresses you pick are stylish but not too trendy, fit your theme, and flatter your bridesmaids. Check out the list below for five helpful tips on how to choose the perfect dresses for your girls.

1. Consider the Season

You don’t want to force your maids to freeze or spend hours in tight, sweaty dresses! So take the season of your big day into consideration. If you’re getting married in summer, try a breezy, short, or strapless style to keep your girls cool. In winter, go for long dresses or sleeves. If you are having a winter wedding and are set on a sleeveless style, consider adding wraps to keep your maids comfortable.

2. Choose A Style They Can Wear Again

Many bridesmaids are hesitant to spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that will just sit in their closet after the big day. Try picking a modern dress style that is simple and elegant enough that your maids can wear it again.

3. Agree on a Budget

Chat with your girls about how much they are willing to spend on a dress they may only wear once. Unless they expressly say that money is no object, try to keep a more conservative budget (less than $300). If one or more of your maids is still in school, consider going even lower on price. Decide on a budget before you hit the bridal shop so you aren’t tempted by more expensive styles.

4. Decide if You Want Uniform or Different Dresses

A current wedding trend is to choose a dress color (or color scheme) and allow each bridesmaid to pick a style that fits her personality and body type. Of course, going the traditional route of matching dresses is just as acceptable! Make this decision based on your maids’ bodies, your vision for your wedding, and budgets.

5. Don’t Try to Please Everyone

Ultimately, it is your big day and you get the final say on bridesmaids dresses. That said, do listen to your maids’ concerns and take them into serious consideration before making a final dress decision. Not everyone will look or feel amazing in every dress, but if the style fits your vision and most of your maids are on board, go with it. For example, if you are having a boho wedding, some girls might feel uncomfortable in a flowy dress that fits the theme; feel free to choose it anyway so you don’t have to compromise your theme for one girl’s happiness.