Submission Guidelines

Having a story submitted to our online blog is a great honor, because we only want to showcase the work of the best and brightest writers. There are two approaches you can take if you want to get a story published on our blog.

The first approach involves sending us a recent news story you have already written. If we like the story the way it is, we will publish it on our blog. Our editors might go through your work and make some spelling and grammar changes, but we do not believe in rewriting stories that our freelance writers submit, because we want you to have a platform where you can showcase your work.

The second approach involves sending us some writing samples you have completed in the past. If we like these samples, we may send you one or two topics for writing assignments in the coming days and weeks. When we send a writing topic, a deadline is also sent in the same message. We expect articles submitted on the deadline – ideally before the deadline.

Having these two approaches ensures we can get all kinds of work published for our freelance writers. If you have a topic that you really care about, we are happy for you to submit those articles to see if they are worthy of being posted on our site. But we know that some writers prefer to write about general news stories, which is why we are happy to assess your sample articles and give you assignments ourselves.

If you write for our site on a regular basis, we will put you in touch with one of our editors. They can help you with the writing, editing and other processes involved in getting a piece posted on the site. We hope all of our freelancers will write multiple articles for the site!