3 Fun Ways to Light Up Your Yard this Holiday Season

The Christmas season is one where many people begin to think about decorating the inside and outside of the home with lights, ornaments and other festive items. You can hang lights around windows, on the roof and along porch banisters, or you could take your light display a step farther and create a dazzling effect with either white or multi-colored strands.

Candy Land
Whether it’s a gingerbread house or a colorful world of bright candies, this is a fun theme to create with lights and other decorations. It might take an afternoon or so to complete the look, but once it’s done, you’ll have stunning lights on almost every surface of the home that twinkle at night. If you’re doing a gingerbread theme, then consider staying with white, red and green lights as these look better with the brown background that you will need for the gingerbread. Add a few lollipop decorations, candy canes and large gum drops that light up for a sweet holiday.

The North Pole
Children often delight in thinking about Santa coming on Christmas Eve, so why not treat them to the North Pole before he arrives? You’ll use a lot of red and white, but there will also be a few other colors blended in as well as you’ll have toys and gift boxes around the yard. String white lights around the windows and doors. Put snowflakes in the windows with garland and red bows draping along the top of each window. Place gift boxes that have lights in them along the front of the house and in the yard. You can add a sleigh with an inflatable Santa and a few toys that haven’t been opened in a large sack in the back of the sleigh. A snowman or two can also be placed in the yard as you often see these at the North Pole.

A Christmas Village
This is a theme that does require several settings and many lights if you want it to look realistic. Find a few small homes that can be used in the yard. You can make these from large cardboard boxes, decorating them with your children so that they are involved with the design. Add lights to each box, setting them up in the yard so that it looks like a village. Add a small pond with blue and white lights and a few lamps to give a look of walking through a busy town. A train can roll through the village, and you can position elves who are at work building toys. Lights can shine on the train as it rolls through the yard, and you can shine lights on the elves so that they are illuminated and easy to see.