3 Health Benefits to Gain from Joining a Barre Fitness Class

Barre fitness class is a unique workout program that combines elements of ballet Barre with flexibility training, sports conditioning and elements of Pilates. The combination of these elements provides a participant the opportunity to realize some important health benefits.

Weight Loss and Redistribution

Nearly 37 percent of adults in the United States are medically classified as obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An even greater percentage are overweight, but not yet categorized as obese.

One of the most important steps overweight and obese individuals can take is to engage in practices and activities that result in weight loss. One of the health benefits of Barre fitness class is weight loss or maintenance of an ideal weight, depending on a participant’s circumstances.

Barre fitness class aids a participant in accomplishing weight loss in a number of ways. First, during a Barre fitness class, calories are burned at a rate higher than many other exercise programs. Second, the Barre program is designed to build more lean muscle mass in a participant. Third, regular participation in a Barre fitness class raises a participant’s resting metabolic rate.

The combination of these three outcomes associated with the Barre program lead to steady weight loss for many individuals. In addition, Barre is designed to redistribute inches on a person’s body. For example, men and women alike tend to see fat increase at their waistlines as they age. Through a Barre class, this fat is reduced and replaced by lean muscle, effectively relocating inches on a person’s body. The net result is a drop in clothing sizes for participants.

Enhanced Range of Motion and Flexibility

Another health benefit of a Barre fitness class is an enhanced range of motion. Through a Barre program, a person typically is able to experienced an enhancement of his or her range of motion beyond that which is possible through other exercise or fitness regimens.

Range of motion enhancement is found throughout a participant’s body. For example, a person may realize better knee alignment and associated range of motion, leading to an overall improvement in balance.

On a related note, a person is also apt to experience improved flexibility as well. Increased flexibility provides increased protection against different types of injuries.

Improved Heart Health

Because of the vigorous nature of a Barre fitness class, the program provides a person improved heart health in many instances. Although the focus of Barre is on strength training and associated practices, there exists an aerobic nature to the program as well. Research is conclusive that exercise, including that found in the Barre program, reduce the risk of heart disease, according to WebMD.