3 Reasons to Paint Before Renting Out Your Home

Renovating a rental property before renting is beneficial for all landlords. Painting the rental home is affordable, it is easy, and with so many perks offered, it’s a worthwhile decision that any landlord will thrive from making. Here’s three of the many reasons why painting your rental property before renting is a good idea.


1. Attract More Interest


Renters who are searching for a new place to call home are usually first attracted to a property via photographs of the home. Great photographs help the renter visualize life in the home, and urge them to proceed to contacting for more information. Yes, those first impressions are extremely important, and a fresh coat of paint is a simple way to grab eyes across a magazine spread or Internet website. Once interested parties view the property, the fresh paint adds a welcoming touch they’ll appreciate.


2. Increased Rental Price


What landlord would object to $50, $100, or even $200 monthly extra per month on their rental property? Painting improves the property appearance, as well as its value, so adding on a few extra bucks on to the monthly rental rates is justified, agreeable by all parties, and a welcomed addition to your pockets. An extra hundred bucks per month is an extra $1,200 annually! Imagine the possibilities with this extra cash, all from completing a task that costs, at most, a couple hundred bucks!


3. Improved Appearance


Potential renter’s will be attracted to the photos they see in advertisements, but the impressions don’t stop there. Upon arrival at the rental property, a fresh coat of paint on the walls secures the potential renters need for a beautiful home that meets their needs. The paint gives the home a clean, updated look, that smells fresh and sends good vibes throughout the place.


Paint the Home: The Time is Now


If you are a landlord with a property to rent, don’t advertise the home until you’ve added a fresh coat of paint to the walls. The benefits above are just three of many waiting for you to enjoy with the decision to paint the home’s interior. So, get out the paintbrush and the paint, or call the professional painters, and get your rental home painted!