3 Simple Reasons to Buy a Used Forklift

Forklifts, sometimes called powered industrial trucks, are used specifically for moving large items from one place to another. They come in a wide variety of options including lift force, size and power source, and are usually identified by their function from the largest off loaders to the smallest order pickers. Each of these has a market for new and used machines. Some businesses choose to upgrade quickly as business needs change. Their needs may have changed or they may have been leasing the forklift. These machines are the prime forklifts to target for purchasing used.


Cost Savings


Buying a used forklift will save your business money. As with most equipment, the value of the forklift is reduced significantly the minute it is delivered new to the buyer. As with automobiles and other equipment, it is estimated that new forklifts lose 20% to 40% of resell value at the time of purchase. Buying equipment within two to five years of its first service should provide several years of useful life while saving significantly.


Makes Top of the Line Affordable


Getting brand name forklifts at lower costs allows you to reap the benefit of getting a top of the line machine at high value. Brand names lead to increased access to parts and service as well. Buying a lesser known forklift because it is what you can afford puts you at risk of not finding parts or a repair person when needed. With lesser-known brands, there is a question of whether the company will be around when you need parts. Buying used, brand name equipment increases access to parts and service.


Environmentally Friendly


Purchasing a used forklift instead of a brand new one supports society’s efforts to reuse or recycle machinery. If you purchase equipment with a little use and complete its life cycle with your use, you will save the environmental costs associated with manufacturing. Some new models may offer increased fuel efficiency. In most cases, the fuel savings will come nowhere near material and manufacturing costs.


Using a used equipment dealer that has a network of suppliers or inventory from which to choose may be in your best interest. In some cases warranties may be available to ease your mind and protect your business. In many circumstances, investing in a used forklift will give you the equipment you need while saving money for other areas of your business. It is usually the smarter option.