3 Unique Challenge Coins to Give This Holiday Season

The holiday season is rapidly approaching once again. For some of your closest friends and family members, you find yourself wanting to get a unique and meaningful gift more than anything. Challenge coins can be perfect for this exact occasion.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, challenge coins are decorative coins that usually display artwork and/or written messages. They are largely symbolic and are meant to convey a message of hope, love, accomplishment, wisdom, or the overcoming of a personal challenge. There are seemingly countless kinds of challenge coins that represent all kinds of concepts.

With this all said, choosing the right challenge coin can greatly depend on the recipient and their own personal circumstances. It is the holiday season though, and we certainly want to convey positivity and warmth regardless above all else. What kind of challenge coin is then the best to give this holiday season? Let’s take a look at three great options.

Military Service Coin

In the Washington Post article, The Importance Of US Military Might Shouldn’t Be Underestimated, a great point is made as to the importance of our military, not just to us but globally as well. Anyone who has been a part of this epic force of history should thus be appropriately commemorated. The military service coin is a perfect homage and thanks to those close to you that have served. These coins can be designed to all kinds of specs in order to reflect dates, campaigns, names, and more, all as a special, holiday thanks.

Marriage or Anniversary Coin

Marriage has always been an important event in human life and culture. Anniversaries and continued success in marriage are equally significant in our culture as “being married a long time is a source of pride in today’s world of high divorce rates”. A very thoughtful challenge coin to give during the holiday season is one that commemorates your loved ones’ unions and continued dedication. There are many designs and ways in which a challenge coin can be curtailed to just the right message here, whether for anniversary, continued union, or new marriage.

Membership Coin

What clubs or organizations are your loved ones closely involved in? Where are their true passions when it comes to groups that they align themselves with? A great gift option this season is the gift of a membership coin. Membership coins can pay creative homage to any group or organization membership. Child scout groups for boys and girls, PETA, VFW, religious organizations, and collegiate groups – these are just a few examples of groups that are a source of impassioned membership for so many. Design a challenge coin for the occasion or pick a pre-made piece for that perfect gift.

Challenge coins are a great, personalized gift idea for any occasion. This can especially be true around the holiday season as sentimental feelings soar and togetherness and unity are in full swing. These three coins can really work well as that special, non-box store gift this season.