3 Ways to Show Your Employees They are Appreciated With Awards

Your employees, like you, are hard workers. Some of them work to their passions while the few dedicated operate for the weekly pay. Regardless of their outlook, they all need motivation. Dollars in the bank is paramount, but nothing compares to amassing a team of loyal and hardy workers who will stand by your company’s side through thick and thin. It all starts with tokens of appreciation to remind them that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.


  1. Recognition. For some, a pat on the back and two thumbs up is all it takes. For others, going the extra mile to present their accomplishments to the world holds greater weight. Support an ’employee of the month’ system to openly show your appreciation for a special employee. Your system can be employee-peer ran or even management sponsored. This gives your employees the chance to show off their accomplishments to the eyes and ears that matter most in the company. A certificate to go along with the acknowledgment can also be granted, giving your employee something valuable to pin up along their desk as a reminder of the thanks they received.
  2. Responsibility. Fruitful amounts of employees love their job, but many often dream of positions and responsibilities out of their zone of growth. If you notice a significant team player in your ranks, lift them up from their normal daily duties and grant them the opportunity to be the boss for a day. Not only will this show enormous gratitude for their work and support for the company, but this also expands a level of trust unlike any other. Dedicated individuals are always seeking for character and career growth. Presenting a new viewpoint to employees opens their eyes and minds to a new field of work. And who knows – you may even discover untapped potential in someone.
  3. Resources. Employees enjoy the benefits of working hard in your company. Sometimes, however, sweetening the cake is just enough to seal them in further. Look into starting an employee appreciation rewards program. With a system in place, you can distribute awards to workers who put in the extra bone while on the job. These awards can be anything and up to your creativity; usable by anyone such as free gift cards or even electronics and gadgets. A treat or a new toy on the side by the paycheck is just the thing to give them the needed boost for the next productive week.