4 Amazing Christmas Light Displays You Must See

Tivoli Gardens:
This garden in Denmark has heart shaped lights that glow at night. It is a tradition that lights surround Tivoli Lake, and visitors can walk around it while spreading holiday cheer. In addition to displays, there are fireworks and festivities throughout the entire week. Because the venue is relatively small, it is easy to get around by walking or a complementary tram service. The event occurs late at night, which makes the lights shine extremely bright in multiple different colors. Even in the wee hours of the morning, you can see the dim glow of lights from the previous night. It is an event that attracts local crowds as well as Christmas enthusiasts from around the world.

Dyker Heights:
This neighborhood in New York has one of the best public displays of lights. The entire community joins in for this event, and each house has a unique set of lights. In certain locations, multiple properties join together to create large animations or messages. It is essentially trick or treating with Christmas lights. Most homes begin decorations right after Thanksgiving, so there is nearly a month of incredibly fun activities. The optimal viewing time is around 8:00 PM, and on the weekends, there is an even larger crowd. Look for an elephant, astronaut, and Santa Claus as some of the most recognizable attractions.

Somerset House:
This house in London is one of the oldest Christmas light displays in the world. The region turns into a winter wonderland with an ice skating rink, gigantic Christmas tree, and massive arrays of lights. The tree is completely decorated with lights, and at the bottom, there are presents and treats for visitors to grab. If you are looking for a winter environment, Somerset House is ideal for the complete package. Make sure to bring some ornaments to decorate the lower tiers of the tree. The lights up above illuminate all corners of the courtyard and make for a very merry holiday.

Ayala Triangle Gardens:
With an assortment of golden palms, fire trees, and green bushes, this garden in the Philippines is a natural display. Christmas lights are placed on all edges of the flora for an immersive environment. Interestingly, nearby courtyards are located in the business district of the city. This mix of natural and concrete makes Ayala Triangle a famous light display. Because shimmering lights are particularly popular in the country, the flickering decorations are extra exciting. Christmas hymns and songs are played in the background, so there surely is a festive aspect to everybody’s liking.