4 Benefits of Collecting Model Cars

Since the 1950s, model cars have been a hobby shared by millions in America and around the world. This pastime not only gives us a creative outlet but gives us other avenues for exploring our automotive enthusiasm. For the person considering embracing this hobby, there are many great reasons to do so, but we’ve boiled those down to what we believe are the four most important points.

1. Model Cars Are a Wonderful Pastime to Share with Kids

Perhaps there is no better reason for relishing in model cars than that it’s a wholesome activity for which all aspects are suitable and accessible to children. If you’re looking to disconnect your child from the Internet and have opportunities to teach, learn, talk, discuss and so forth, then this could be it. You don’t even need to be a hardcore automotive enthusiast to share this with a kid. There is something visceral about vehicles that everyone can appreciate.

2. Model Cars Are Generally Released in Limited Runs

Collecting model cars is not like collecting Pokémon — where you have to catch them all. Instead, you collect the ones that are important to you in that moment. Due to licensing fees and for other reasons, model cars a generally limited. That means that a series is made and sold but never sold again since the molds are abandoned. That adds the cool factor of having an item in your collection that others don’t, and as time passes, each item becomes even more special as it becomes harder to find.

3. Modeling Is Therapeutic

Modeling is a great way to relive stress, and it’s still a common recommendation by doctors seeking to help patients relax. If you collect the models you have to build, then activities like detailing can help you fine-tune your fine motor skills. This kind of modeling also challenges you to be creative and to problem solve in a manner that you might not do often in your daily life. This hobby also inspires us to learn more about the cars and other vehicles we’re collecting and celebrating.

4. Your Model Cars Can Increase in Value

Like most hobbies, collecting model cars is certainly not a great form of investment. However, if you enjoy model cars as a pastime, then an added value is that your vehicles can become more valuable than what you initially invested. This is particularly true with diecast vehicles and with buildable models that have been left in their original packaging. We talked earlier about how cars are often released in limited runs, and when those cars are no longer available at retail, they become more valuable in the secondhand market.