5 Facts About Portable Storage Units You Didn’t Know

If your home is too full of stuff, then it is time to rent a portable storage unit. In addition to being great places to store excess items, a portable storage unit is easy to move to a new location. Here are some important facts about portable storage units to help you decide whether you need to rent one for your needs.

1: A Portable Storage Unit Is Delivered to Your Home

When you need a portable storage unit, you can call a company that rents one to have it delivered to your home. You can have it placed in your backyard or in a driveway so that you can put items inside it for storage. If you need to take several days or weeks to fill the portable storage unit, then this is easy to arrange with the rental company.

2: Portable Storage Units Are Available in Different Sizes

There are several sizes of portable storage units, and if you are experiencing problems choosing a portable storage unit, then discuss your needs with a representative of a rental company. You also need to consider the size of your lawn or driveway when requesting a delivery to a home.

3: Portable Storage Units Are Perfect for College Students

If you have children who are college students, then use portable storage units to hold their possessions in the summer. A rental company can deliver a portable storage unit to your child’s residence hall so that they can fill it with furniture, a miniature refrigerator and textbooks. After the storage unit is full, your college student can contact the rental company to have the unit picked up and delivered to your home.

4: A Portable Storage Unit Is Made of Durable Steel

When you are storing possessions, you want to place items in a durable container that is waterproof after the doors are closed. Portable storage units are made of durable walls with an insulating core to protect your possessions from changes in temperature. You don’t need to worry about seeing the items inside a portable storage unit because the ceiling is translucent. Each portable storage unit has a rolling door, making it easy to open and close the container.

5: Portable Storage Units Are Useful During Disasters

When a disaster occurs, portable storage units are the perfect way to protect your possessions. If a pipe bursts in your basement, then you can rent a portable storage unit to hold the boxes and other items from your basement while plumbers make a repair. Alternatively, a school or church can collect donations to place in a portable storage unit for fast delivery to a different region where a disaster has occurred.