Easy Tips for the Beginner Fisherman

Fishing is an adventure on its own and can be done by people of any age. Fishing days are exciting and memorable ones with friends and family. Currently, there are 40 million individuals fishing annually around the globe. With repeated trips to lakes and ponds, one can master the skill of catching different types of fish with diverse gear and techniques.

Before going for the first fishing trip one should make sure they have the following gear and accessories ready with them:

  • Firstly, one should acquire a fishing license depending on your age and location
    • A standard fishing rod and reel from a reputed store ensuring longevity and toughness
    • A strong monofilament Teflon or nylon fishing string
    • Different types of fish hooks ranging from the size of 6 to 10
    • A complete set of fishing weights
    • Lastly, a cork bobber and a living bait which can be worms or small pieces of meat.

Firstly, the angling gear i.e. the rod and reel comes in different shapes and sizes for different fishing styles. For beginners, one can opt for gear that is suitable for bait fishing as well as lure fishing. For starters, an 8lb to 20lb rated rod gives the beginner the scope of catching a variety of fishes in freshwaters. They are quite affordable and sturdy and last for seasons if properly cared for. The reel should be open face type and later on can switch to bait casting reels after gaining some experience with the art of catching.

An enthusiast should be able to tie the Clinch knot effectively. For making a Clinch knot, the fishing line should be passed through the hook eye followed by 5 turns around the standing line. Then the loose end of the string should be passed between the first loop and the eye. The tag end should be brought through the larger second loop and the knot is to be tightened carefully after wetting the line.

To set up the rod with the hook, sinker and the line, one should attach two sinkers about a foot from the hook. The weight keeps the bait in the water and helps in swinging away from the shore. The plastic or cork bobber is used to notify the individual regarding the activity of fishes as it moves according to the fish biting on the bait.

An angler should have a well-equipped tackle box which stores baits, sinkers, hooks, lures, medical kit, and different tools that come in handy for different kinds of fishes.

The most important aspect of fishing is safety. It is recommended to go fishing with a friend or an expert for help during minor emergencies. Hooks can be deadly and once it pierces the skin can be difficult to unhook. Casting the hook should not be done near other people.