How to Properly Smoke A Cigar

There’s nothing so classically cool as someone who knows how to appreciate a good cigar. On the flipside, too often people go into the experience not knowing what to do and end up green-faced in the bushes. Cigars require a certain skill set to be smoked properly, but luckily, it’s something that can be learned.

Choosing The Right Cigar

Despite their high-class image, cigars don’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg to be great. What’s important is that the cigar is wrapped well and that it’s made with high-quality tobacco. There are tons of options out there when choosing flavor profiles of cigars, and experts advise new cigar aficionados to try pairing their smokeables with whiskeys to really bring out the flavors in the tobacco.
Roll the cigar between your thumb and pointer finger to test the construction of the roll. Is it tight? Is it free from lumps? These are the questions you should be asking to pick the perfect cigar.

Smoking The Cigar

CEOs and other fat cats in cartoons are always holding cigars in their clenched teeth, puffing away. This is not the right way to properly enjoy a cigar, so don’t let them be your role models. The first step would be to light the cigar, being careful to evenly ignite the tip. Take a small puff, and don’t inhale the smoke. Instead, let the smoke sit in your mouth, and enjoy the flavors it presents.
With each puff, rotate your cigar to make sure it continues burning evenly. If you hold your cigar in your mouth like a cartoon gangster, you’ll find that you’re making it burn too hotly, which changes the flavor of the smoke and makes it much more harsh than if you were to hold it in your hand.
Most cigars also have a band around them with the logo of the brand. While it’s hotly debated on whether or not to remove it, or when, it makes the most sense to remove the band when the cigar has burned down to about an half inch above it.

The trick to smoking a cigar properly is to enjoy the cigar properly. They’re meant to be shared with friends and savored over longer periods of time, not to give you a nicotine fix. Enjoy the time spent with good people over good cigars, now that you know how to smoke one properly.