What You Need for a Unicorn Themed Kids Party

Unicorns have been seen on almost everything for kids in recent months, so it shouldn’t be surprising that your child would want a party with unicorns. From the cake to the decorations, there are numerous fun ways that you can incorporate the magical creature for your child’s celebration. Before you begin gathering the supplies that you need, think about the kind of unicorn that your child wants and the colors that will be used.

Horned Cupcakes 
Make cupcakes in a flavor that your child will enjoy. Vanilla works well for a unicorn theme because of the light color, but you could also make blue, purple, pink, or a combination of pastel colors. Top each cupcake with marshmallow frosting and a gold horn. You can also make white and pink unicorn ears using fondant. Use gold or rainbow wrappers for the cupcakes to match the other decorations.

Get a few pink and purple headbands to make a fun unicorn accessory for everyone at the party. Attach gold ears and a gold horn on top of each headband. You can also add a few flowers to the front of the horn for more colors. Guests can also make their own headbands with supplies that you provide, making each one unique like a unicorn.

Setting The Table 
There are a few different ways that you can incorporate plates and napkins into your unicorn theme. One is to get unicorn stickers that you put on plain plates and napkins. Another option would be to draw unicorns on each one if you have the time. You could also paint the plates and cups that are used in rainbow colors before putting gold glitter around the edges so that they sparkle like a unicorn.

Rainbow Pretzels 
Get a bag of pretzel rods to make unicorn sticks. Dip the pretzels in white chocolate letting them harden in the refrigerator for a few hours. Melt white chocolate, separating it into a few different bowls before adding food coloring. Drizzle the chocolate across the pretzels, starting with one color at the top and ending with a different color at the bottom of the white chocolate.

Bold Banners 
Hang a few unicorn banners on the walls, windows, and across the entryway so that everyone knows it’s going to be a magical party. Sprinkle gold glitter on the banners so that they shine. You can also get a few unicorn cutouts to hang as well with the faces cut out of them so that guests can get pictures made while looking like a unicorn.

A unicorn party should be colorful and sparkling. Many decorations can be made using your imagination, some paint, and some glitter. When you’re decorating for the party, try to use the same colors throughout so that everything matches for your child’s magical celebration.